KWA Bedrijfsadviseurs expertise

Areas of expertise
We apply our specialist and technical knowledge of the following areas for your benefit: environment, QHSE management, energy and process technology, occupational health & safety, compliance with legislation and regulations and interim support.

Areas of expertise

We apply our specialist and technical knowledge of the following areas for your benefit:


KWA employs around 20 consultants with various specialisations in the field of the environment and surroundings. They have a great deal of expertise and experience in obtaining environmental-, water- and construction permits as well as being specialists for sub-studies such as soil, noise, water and spatial planning. In addition to project execution, including supervision of demolition and redevelopment projects, our specialists are also regularly deployed for second opinions. KWA stays on top of all relevant legislation and regulations, so our experts are always up-to-date with the latest developments and applications in the field.

QHSE management

There are 10 consultants who deal specifically with QHSE management within KWA. They provide support in setting up, restructuring and integrating various management systems such as ISO 14001, ISO 45001, VBS and ISO 50001. They also help clients with internal audits or training auditors. Due to the changing role of the QHSE-manager, our consultants can coach and guide the organisations and managements in this developing field. A number of customers have outsourced part of their QHSE management directly to KWA.

Energy and process technology

KWA employs some 18 highly-trained technical specialists who can support the transition to a more sustainable business operation. They offer expertise in energy saving, investments in (sustainable) process equipment and energy management. There's a great deal of specialist knowledge and experience in the field of utilities such as steam, cooling, water, air, electrical installations, corrosion, sustainable energy generation (including heat/cold storage), energy purchasing and guidance in (new) construction projects, from concept to commissioning and delivery.

Occupational Health & Safety

KWA employs approximately 15 higher- and middle school trained safety experts with a variety of specialisms, such as explosives safety, (storage of) hazardous substances, occupational hygiene, legionella, construction safety, asbestos, machine safety and general safety culture. They can carry out risk inventories and evaluations, both in general and in depth, supervise (new) construction projects, support management and the shop floor in improving the safety culture within the organisation and help with concrete advice for technical, organisational and system improvements.

Compliance with legislation and regulations

A large part of all the previously mentioned subjects stem from legislation and regulations. KWA has substantive in-house knowledge of the relevant legislation and regulations, keeps abreast of any changes and can therefore support customers in always ensuring their compliance. The software tool, Makeonline, plays an important role for our customers in this compliance.

Interim support

A large number of our consultants are regularly deployed as interim support on site. In the event of a temporary shortage of knowledge or manpower, KWA can offer you a flexible solution. The roles of our experienced consultants can vary from project leader, site management support to specialists in project realisation. As the person in question always has the back-up of fellow specialists, extra knowledge is available at any time. This means that work can be undertaken efficiently and effectively, thereby guaranteeing continuity.